6 simple tips for planning your first foreign trip

1. Rein in your wanderlust

Before you put on a blindfold and throw darts at the globe, determine how much money you’re willing to spend on this trip. Also, think about how much time you can afford to spend away from your day job. Factoring in your schedule will rein in some of your wanderlust and force you to put far-flung destinations like Bali and Fiji on the bucket list. Not only do these trips cost a pretty penny, but they require at least six to 10 days to make the most of the destination. If you only have a four-day window, it’s not worth the 20-hour flight.

Aside from the money you’ll spend on flights and lodging, you should also consider the incidental costs of your trip. For instance, will you have to budget for pet boarding or a house sitter? And don’t forget about the money you’ll spend en route to your destination, including the meals and drinks you’ll purchase at the airport and on the flight. The cost of ground transportation from departure city and in the destination is often overlooked, as well as petty cash for tips for shuttles drivers, taxis, hotel staff and tour guides.

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  • May 16 2017
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