A NIGHT TO REMEMBER | June 24, 2017 | Report filed by S. Igbinovia

On June 24, 2017, Mrs. Fidelia Iyabo Aimua of Westfield Massachusetts turned 60 years; families and friends, associates, well-wishers came and celebrated with her in Westfield, Massachusetts.
Given the ranks and files of guests who graced the 60th Birthday Celebration will for a long time marked June 24th, 2017 a day to remember.

For the chief celebrant, Mrs. Fidelia Iyabo Aimua, the bliss on her face, spoke volume to all attendees. Her dance steps, the intensity of her ‘lip-sings’ to all specially selected songs played by DJ Kobi of Revere, demonstrated how gratified she has walked with time to reach the peak age of 60 years and counting strong.
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Even surprising, for quick reference, many questioned her age, as they noted she was too young for the age of 60years. But joyfully, she laughs it off saying “I thanked God for good health and grace over my family, let us celebrates him.”

Then Came The Time To Cut The Cake:
The huge well-crafted cake to mark the age number of ‘60’ was beautifully decorated and displayed. It was gorgeous and ‘mouth-watering.’
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The Food Were Abundant And Delicious:
No doubt, there were a lot to eat and drink: from African cuisine to the Caribbean, from Asian cuisine to American; well-curated foods to quench that hunger.
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Certainly, June 24th, 2017 is a day to remember; if you weren’t there, I guess you missed out. Those who traveled far and near to be there to celebrate with the Aimua’s family wasn’t a “bad investment or decision.” It was splendid, indeed, certainly a remarkable day to remember for a long time.

Selection of pictures from the ranks and files of guests who graced the 60th Birthday Celebration:
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On a final note, I must confess, it was an awesome pleasure to cover the celebration on an invitation.
My name is Stephen Igbiniovia, a reporter for The Excite 24’7 News, Boston, Massachusetts.

July 13, 2017
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