BOSTON: IPOB – Stop Hiding Under Transparent Shadows

To the Igbos, Stop hiding under the transparent shadows | by Stephen Igbinovia | Updated Sept. 15 @ 3:50pm ET

You can’t serve two masters, is either Nigeria or Biafra! But you have a heavy cross to carry! Where are the rest of you – the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), the true Biafrans in Boston? Identify and unmask yourself now and pick up the staff, your destiny as widely professed.  I just wonder if you have ever seen any Hausa man called “Emeka”? Obviously, none will ever do so, not for a billion dollars paycheck – how about you or, the rest of us?

Dim Ojukwu, may his soul rest in peace – he wasn’t the Messiah but, he was brave, though he led a failed civil war to liberate his people. 

Nnamdi Kalu, so far hasn’t positioned himself as the true Messiah and certainly, he is not the Messiah to lead my In-laws to the promise land – the humilities are missing. When the Messiah comes we will know – the Messiah will emulate MLK’s Doctrine – the non-violence approach. 

In Boston Massachusetts, such movement has started – see the pix above (Ukatu Dennis & Co.), hopefully, they remained focused.

The Ojukwu’a Bold approach in the sixties led to the Massacre of Tens of thousands of his kinsmen. The sad memories are still fresh. It is too soon to embark on such handicap, seemingly suicidal journey, again.  Not even now when there is a high proliferation of weaponry. Hallucinating propaganda will not get the job done – it didn’t work before. All Ibos must come together, must think as one, must work as one sincerely in the open fields, otherwise, Biafra will remain a dream. 

Yes to non-violence approach, yes to peaceful negotiations – the Messiah has not arrived – we will wait patiently – I’m waiting too

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  • September 15 2017
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