BREAKING NEWS: North Korea Got NUKE – Hopes & Dreams are Over for the “Rest of the World”!

North Korea Got NUKE – Hopes & Dreams are Over for the “Rest of the World”! This is a developing story! | Updated 8/8/2017 @ 1:00pm ET

Surprised or Shocked? Is it true, North Korea got Nuke and may have secured a Miniaturised Nuclear Warhead capable of fitting into ICBM according to a Washington Post special report published today – Tuesday, August 8, 2017. The time for hopes and dreams is over for the rest of the World that has long hope the kim Jung Un regime comes short of such technological breakthrough.

The big question now is “what is next?”

Recall, just last week the security council reached a unanimous resolution to imposed sweeping sanctions that may cripple the economy of kim Jung Un regime. Shockingly, just less than a week, even before such implementation of the new sanctions, the kim Jung Un regime shocked the World with a secret display of the worst weapons which no nation has a clear solution for, a miniature Warhead capable of fitting into ICBM technology.

What will the US president, Donald Trump do now, if the report is true?

This is a developing story, and we hope to update you as situations unfold.
|The Excite 24’7 News reporter

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