2017 Communities Cookout: The Africa Style – ESAN People of New England, Boston

The Africa Style – ESAN People of New England, Boston | Updated Friday, August 4, 2017.

It is summer in America, that means, time to get out of hibernation and lit up that grill.

The Excite 24’7 Eyes Witness Reporter went across towns to capture some spectacular cookouts held in some Africa communities in Massachusetts, and the Noble Esan People of Massachusetts was on target, hence this report:

Every summer, the Esan People of New England, Massachusetts gathers and socialized; and this year wasn’t any different. With their children young and old, back home from schools, no doubt it is the best time to lit up the grill and do justices to local foods right from the soil of Africa. Yes, I mean roasted Yam with “Palm oil, onion, fresh pepper concoction”; roasted plantain with a choice of “Palm oil, onion, fresh pepper concoction” or with roasted peanuts. Not to forget roasted corn, “Suya” and hot Ogbono soup with a choice of pounded yam or Eba. Also on the menu were of course, hamburger, hot dog, and chickens.

Below are some photos shots for your viewing pleasure. And we hope to bring you another reporting next summer. Until then peace and love unto you from the hearts of the Noble Esan People, Massachusetts.

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  • August 4 2017
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