FRIEND OR DODGER…? Today’s Candidate is: Dr. Arese Ukpoma Carrington, MD.

By Stephen Igbinovia | Updated Monday, October 16, 2017

Today’s Candidate is: Dr. Arese Ukpoma Carrington, MD.

Who is Dr. Arese Ukpoma Carrington?

In a snapshot, she is a mother, a medical doctor, an Edo woman married to Ambassador Walter Carrington (former U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria, 1995—1997), and a Harvard School Associate. She has seen the world – she is an achiever, a world renowned consultant! But, how much does the Nigeria community in Massachusetts know about this noble Edo woman, especially the Edo folks? And how much does this noble Edo woman get involve with the Nigeria community in Massachusetts, especially the Edo folks? Is she a Friend or Dodger of the Nigeria community in Massachusetts? You be the judge but, remember the words of Pope Francis on ‘LGBT’ – “who I am to judge…” [To be continued…]

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  • October 16 2017
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