IGBOS NEW YORK PROTEST Slated for Tuesday Sept 19, 2017 – Why? What You Need to Know

WHAT IS THE PROTEST FOR…..? by Stephen Igbinovia | Updated Sept. 18, 2017

50 years after the devastating Biafran war, Igbo grievances resurface (again) in a magnanimous turn – no thanks to what appeared to be the “Alleged Nnadi Kalu led violent approach.”

Tommorrow Tuesday Setempber 19, 2017  tens of thousands of Igbo protesters are expected to converge in New York to stage a protest; against who and what is the purpose of such September protest? Before now there have been several protests in the past including the protest against the arrest of an Igbo leader, demand secession from Nigeria, etc.

Some undisclosed Igbo kinsmen have openly said they won’t attend the Tuesday New York protest ‘if such protest is about IPOB or Nnadi Kalu.’ They fault Kalu’s approach and claimed Kalu is pursuing a hidden agenda to have the innocent Igbo Youths Killed in a missguided approach.  But they vowed to be in New York protest against all odds other than IPOB/Kalu agenda.

At press time we don’t know and it remained unclear what the goal(s) is/are for Tomorrow Tuesday, Sept 19 New York protest. What is being floated on social media is “Escalating Violence in Igbo Land.” Our reporter wanted to confirm it and will try again to get hold of Dr. Ejike Eze, the president of Igbo Organization of New England, a local body of all Igbos in the New England States with a local office in Randolph Massachusetts. As we get more information, we will share it through this medium.


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