Okwerekwu | Okwesili, What You Need to Know


What we know now is that the duo called their upcoming celebration “Family Thanksgiving.” We also know that other folks have used such terms or call same celebration: “Graduation Party, Cookout Party, Family Day.” Regardless, the definition(s) anyone ascribed to such celebration(s), what is key is: “Who is Celebrating”. Another question of seemingly important is – is the celebrant a “Whole City or Idle Island?” (simply put, and as commonly used in the Nigerian Community of Boston is: Is the celebrant “a Goer or a Dodger?)”. If the answer to the latter is yes for “a Goer” the definition of such celebration is irrelevant, period. Simply because, according to Toni Morrison, she said: “definitions are for the definer and NOT the defined.”

In our everyday life, no matter what you and I do, folks will sure find reason(s) to call names or give us definitions. So, therefore, pursue your dreams with sincerity and with full concentration without looking over your shoulders, this writer advised.

But for the duo as it relates to this discussion, you and I, known for facts, except if you are alien to the Nigerian community that, without any ambiguity, that Dr. Okwesili and Mr. Okwerekwu are seen virtually everywhere, just anywhere they are invited (and in some cases, even without invitation) they will show up and performed exceedingly with zero “I pledge” announcement. And if they can’t be there for any reason(s) they will let you know beforehand. These are vetted facts from the archives and not a “fairy tale” the Excite 24’7 News reporter noted.


The duo has a philanthropic mark on their forehead. In one word, they are both philanthropists to the core of this community and beyond.


While Mr. Okwerekwu will never charge you for MC (Master of Ceremony) services, regardless of your age (if you know of anyone that he has billed in the past let this writer know, and we will withdraw this article with a public apology). It is also true and worthy of note that, while rendering the free MC services, he will also ensure and will deliver the service with humility and with the utmost respect repeatedly when requested. Over time, the quality of such services has been difficult to surpass in totality and, hence his nickname “The Golden Voice of Boston” as he is fondly called in the Nigerian community of Boston.


The community pharmacist, Dr. Okwesili, giving the nature of his profession as a pharmacy operator, many have visited his office, young and old, poor and rich, sick or normal with prescriptions in hand, but no medical insurance; and seemly unable to pay for prescription(s). Guess what, Dr. Okwesili is a kind man, he knows what to do – by our account, he has never turned away a sick person with prescription(s) in hand. Dr. Okwesili called such gesture “Humanitarian Rescue.”

In the general community local and international, Dr. Okwesili is well known for other philanthropic backing for key community projects such as School Projects, Hospital Projects, Roads Projects, and others. Recently, such humanitarian service got the attention of the Enugu State Governor (Nigeria) to honor him. No doubt, Dr. Okwesili is a rare breed with big humanitarian heart.


1. We Must Come Out and Support the Families: It Takes a Community to Raise a Child.

To our dear community faithful, we have been there and always there for one another. We know what to do and, we know how we do it – therefore, let us be our brother’s keeper and do what we do best, let us rejoice with them – we are brothers and sisters; the Excite 24’7 News reporter noted.

[1]. For Mr. Okwerekwu family: Two of their children, Miss Adaobi and Master Nnamdi are both going to College. That is a huge Commitments ahead giving today’s rising educational demands and all that goes with it.

[2]. But, for the Dr. Okwesili family: it is a mission accomplished and a new beginning. To the newest Doctor, welcome to the real world – It is time to explore the labor market and all that is out there. The unknown World full of uncertainty, the future beholds, Okwesili Jr. made it, he got the degree at hand and he is ready to conquer…

2. The Community’s Proud…
The Nigerian community of Boston should be proud with the utmost sense of belonging and accomplishment, and thus, see such celebrations as a vital facet of our community growth and development. The reasons should be obvious and easy to deduce and assimilate – we are just once again, blessed with another Doctor of Pharmacist (Dr. Okwesili Jr.).
And, on the other hand, two of our illustrious golden voice of Boston, Mr. Willy Okwerekwu children are going to college. The best and only “academic medication” every sensible parent must prescribe for his/her ward(s) to be a better and responsible child and to face tomorrow’s challenges – is to go to college and earn that academic degree. The future leaders of tomorrow. It can’t be better said than that – education, education is the ultimate answers for our children.
These two events are not funeral invitations but, celebrations of shared community accomplishment. From another angle, yet, it is a shared motivator for our young teens to emulates. I expect parents to take their ward(s) to these upcoming events and, going forward. Such parents must as a matter of good parenting elucidates and remind their ward(s) always, what it means to be called a “Doctor” or an “Engineer”; the proud, the feelings that go with it and what, it must take to earn it, and have it forever; the Excite 24’7 News reporter noted.

3. Youth Graduation Celebration, Let Youths Take The Lead

It is highly recommended that the youths take the lead while parents and adults take the back sits because it is all about the youths, and it should be. They are the graduates, and should be the “Chief Celebrants”. It has more to do with the youths than with the adults. The adults already may have had their moments when they were students alike, and thus have graduated and had a similar celebration(s) accorded to him/her, except otherwise. For instances, graduations, unlike birthdays, comes once in every four years at the least namely: High School Diploma, First degree, second degree and maybe Doctorate degree. For parents to take the lead at the expense of their ward(s) ‘Happy Moments’ and with high expectations may be considered “double dipping.” That is, a parent wants to enjoy “Two Timed Feelings”. No way, let the youths dictates what may happen on the day of his/her graduation party.

4. The Event Information – Very Important:

Okwerekwu Thanksgiving Day – July 22, 2017 at 940 Main St, Brockton MA. | Time: 7pm – 1am

Okwesili Thanksgiving Day – July 29, 2017 at 940 Main St, Brockton MA. | Time: 7pm – 1am

Finally, much may have been said about the frequency of parties and those behind such parties, whether justified or not, the goals for such parties, and of what benefits are such parties to our community. Let me recap loud and clear once again – pursue your dreams with sincerity and with full concentrations without looking over your shoulders, this writer advised.

The Esan people and the Benin people of Boston will be well represented at both events. And, I’m hopeful others will do.

Oba ghato Okpere, Ise!!!
Obulu Bulu Ibha Ba!!!
Igbo kwenu, Igbo Kwenu!!!

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