People’s Club of Nigeria, Boston 2017 Cookout: The Africa Style

Honorable Chairman of People’s Club of Nigeria, Boston branch: Mr. & Mrs. Idi Ralph Ebozue

Who & Who Made It There? | Filed by The Excite Reporter| Updated Saturday August 5, 2017

[Roll call – see the names below]

Under the new vision and leadership of Honorable Chief Idi Ralph Ebozue, things are a bit shaping up and looking good. But how long can the chairman hold it? Though that is not the purpose of this report, it is worth noting given the terrain the ship must sail to maintain its balance.

Unlike before, since the new leadership of Honorable Chief Idi Ralph Ebozue, every summer effective 2016, the honorable chairman invites all members and their families to his residence in Milton Massachusetts for all day feast. Friends and associates are also not left out from the ‘free for all feasting.’

Recall, this year-2017 episode is the second edition since its inception in 2016; and I can tell you ‘hoha’ base on Excite 24’7 Eyes Witness reporter accounts who witnessed how things unfolds, that there were no disappointments noted. It was fun all the way. The enthusiasm was at a record high in a decade. Despite other community’s events, Members and their families, friends and associates from all works of life filed in as never before noted, did their thing (eat as much as they can, and/or packaged even ‘take-away’) with No-holds-barred, No-rule and; then take their bow whenever.

This reporter checked in with the chief coordinator of the cookout, Agbalanze Martins Asomugha; with smiles on his face, he said “…things are looking good, members are responding, redeeming their pledges, PCNI is back to life Man – thank you….!” …and holding and grinning at his smartphone, he continued while looking at this reporter, “…you just redeemed yours let me update my record now, this is great what I am seeing so far….”

Yes, the coordinator (Agbalanzee Martins Asomugha) is right, the turnout and cooperation for this year cookout surpassed all expectations; especially judging from last year cookout, and most importantly, at this difficult time when the club is rebuilding all past lost glory.
We can only hope for more ‘progress and transparency’ under which platform the Honorable chairman of the club Chief Idi Ralph Ebozue ran his campaign that got him elected as the chairman of: Peoples’ club of Nigeria, Boston branch.

Roll Call Some Notable faces based on closed-circuit scanning (Note this is not a complete list – our reporter is not familiar with all attendees per name-face matching).

Host: Honorable Chairman of People’s Club of Nigeria, Boston branch: Mr. & Mrs. Idi Ralph Ebozue

Front Roll: Mr. & Mrs. Azuka; Mr. & Mrs. Ogamba; Ichie Ike Asomugha; Mr. John Nwachukwu; Chief Charles Ogwuru; Chief Emma Okafor; chief & Lolo Udoji; Mr. Peter Uzoma, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Iwuh; Onowu Okwerekwu; Dr. & Victor Okoye; Barr. Godson Anosike; Mr. Jimmy Aigbangbe; Prof. NT Izuchi; Mr. Ebbie Obukwelu; Chief Jason; Chief Adolphus Okpoebo and others.

Kitchen Roll Call:
Ms. Gertrude Aligbe; Dr. Bennie Agbarha; Ms. Ngozi Osuagwu, and others.

This is Excite 24’7 News Eyes Witness Reporter
August 2017 edition.

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