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Thought Leader | Leadership Consultant | Composite Strategist | Educator | Communicator | Author | Health Leader

Dr. Ebere Morgan is a leadership consultant, executive strategist, professional coach, author, educator, communicator and health leader. He advances thought leadership in multiple professional disciplines including leadership intelligence, organizational leadership, health systems strategics, international development and strategic foresight. For over two decades, Dr. Morgan has gained a wide intercontinental exposure as a professional and academic under several industry sector platforms bringing exponential value to various professional and organizational contexts.
He partners and provides oversight on various corporate boards and advisory councils at both local and global levels, where he lends his critical skills, experience and acumen in systems governance and leadership. Dr. Morgan presently deploys unassailable competence, intellectual horsepower, eclectic knowledge and sound expertise in generating effective powerhouse and sustainable transformational change to people, organizations and communities across continental divides.
A dynamic communicator, Dr. Morgan is a sought-after speaker for corporate, government, academic and faith-based engagements where he distils effective value through his exceptional prowess in transmitting relevant knowledge with fluid mastery. His content and style remain extraordinarily transformative and contextually germane to contemporary excellence standards and best practices.
Dr. Morgan is the President & Chief Executive of Deztiny Inc., a leadership consulting organization based in Atlanta, USA and Toronto, Canada. He is strongly passionate about people, organizations and all things leadership. He holds multiple advanced degrees including a doctorate in Leadership & Strategic Change. He also serves as professor and research scholar in multiple higher institutions and professional bodies.

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  • April 9 2019
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