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SHAME & DISAPPOINTMENT OVER PLANNED NEW YORK PROTEST OF TUESDAY, SEPT. 19, 2017 | by Stephen Igbinovia | updated 9/19/2017 @ 7:30 am ET

In Massachusetts alone, there are over 1,500 Ndi-Igbo citizens (men, women, and children) at the least. Where are they now? Where were they last night when a community teleconference was conducted? WAKE-YAH-ASS-UP: Ndi-Igbo Massachusetts!



A community teleconference was conducted on Monday, Sept. 18, 2017, at 8:00 pm Et.

It was a shock, shame, and disappointment – less than 50 Ndi Igbo called in, to express their concerns, strategized for a planned protest in New York, Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017, over the alleged “Genocide of Igbos in the Eastern Nigeria.” 

The question is “where were the Umunna last night”?  Why didn’t they put other things aside (sacrifice!!!) to call in and express their concerns, or, at the least, show some sympathy in solidarity? Ok, I am beginning to scratch my head now in dismay.  The alleged “Genocide of Igbos in the Eastern Nigeria” is it a joke? Or, is it a “Hallucinating Propaganda”?  The gruesome images being floated around on social media are they fake? Does it mean, those images don’t bother the Umunna in Massachusetts and Ndi Igbo beyond?



The much advertised, much-anticipated protest in New York for Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017, is here and, there is a huge problem – very huge: I’m shocked, disappointed, and SAD for all Ndi Igbo in Massachusetts!!!

Just only and less than Two  (2) Ndi-Igbo citizens in Massachusetts volunteered to be in New York to be part of the scheduled protest against – The alleged “Genocide of Igbos in the Eastern Nigeria.” I cannot believe it – I just think I’m “day dreaming.”



This is me (reporter) thinking, yes, I am just looking for answers because it bothers me too. I can only think of one or two possible reasons why the Umunna in Massachusetts shunned the community teleconference last night, and why only and less than Two (2) Ndi-Igbo citizens in Massachusetts volunteered to be in New York to be part of the scheduled protest against – The alleged “Genocide of Igbos in the Eastern Nigeria.”


The only thing  I can think of, the only reasons popping into my head right now are: 

#1: The Nigeria Defense Ministry has named IPOB a terrorist Organization – Hence, just maybe, the reason why the Umunna, in Massachusetts are shunning the scheduled protest in New York. Certainly, no one wants to be seen on cameras supporting any terrorist group. But, the alleged “Genocide in Eastern Nigeria” is way different from “IPOB/Nnadi Kalu Agenda.”

#2: Another reason could be: Some of them are businessmen/women, professionals, future political leaders and Aspirant – Some want to be L.G.A Chairman, State reps., Senators, Governors, or even the president of Nigeria some day. And they don’t want to be on the record for staging a protest against Nigeria in a foreign country. Yes, they don’t want to be on cameras. Yes, those are my thinking right now – it might change later. But, for now, those are my views – until I find answers to my questions why the majority of Ndi Igbo in Massachusetts shunned the teleconference last night and, why they are also shunning the scheduled protest in New York.

No matter the excuses, this is a missed opportunity, a huge one, very huge – why because, the president of Nigeria,  Muhammed Buhari (PMB), will be in New York today. And much attention, huge World attention shall be focused on him today.

If you have any information or concerns, don’t hesitate to contribute on facebook, twitter, email, phone, and others. DONT BE A STRANGER!!!


It is time to: “WAKE-YAH-ASS-UP: Ndi-Igbo Massachusetts!”

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