Tips for travelling with your solo child

Travelling with children can be an enormously rewarding experience – opening up your kids to new experiences is crucial for personal growth, after all – but of course it’s not without its challenges.
It can be even more challenging for parents with only one kid. All relationships are put to the test when on the road, and the unique dynamic of ‘only child’ families – one in which the child has to constantly define their place in a world of mostly adults – can find itself even more fraught when tensions arise in a hotel room or an airport lounge.
As both a frequent traveller since infancy and an only child, I discovered this the hard way. My globe-trotting parents wanted the three of us to travel as a family, but while they were avid skiers, I found the idea of repeatedly going up and down a mountain in the freezing cold a nightmare. At home, if my parents wanted to go somewhere boring like the opera (cue pre-teen eye roll), at least I could arrange a sleepover at a friend’s house – but when on vacation they’d never let me sit alone in a hotel room all night, so I’d spend a miserable evening bored to death by Bizet.

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  • May 16 2017
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