APPEAL TO AILING SENATOR JOHN McCAIN – Don’t Take Healthcare Away from Millions

SENATOR JOHN McCAIN WHAT YOU MUST DO NOW: Don’t Take Healthcare Away from Millions | July 25, 2017 updated @ 2:45pm et

Sir, I hope that as you return to Capitol Hill today, Tuesday, July 25, 2017, to cast your vote on ‘GOP gang-up Healthcare Bill’ which many believe including the CBO Score Report, will take Healthcare away from millions of Americans; I hope and I encourage you to do the right thing. Put away the ideology of ‘Political Party first, put the Americans first. Don’t vote along party line. My honest recommendation to you Senator McCain is, build and leave as much good legacies as you can at this critical time in your life; especially as you struggle with Health issue – ‘Brain Tumor.’ Sir, remember you have nothing to lose if you do the right thing but more to lose if you join other GOP to take away Healthcare from millions of Americans.

Sir, you may not be here 20 – 30 years from now, but your legacies will be here forever and don’t let be “ah, ah, and ahhhhhhh.” What will you be remembered for, after you are gone? What will define you, after you are gone? How would history judge you, after you are gone? The Republican or Democratic Party will live on after you are gone; but your deeds: good or bad will forever remain in the history of America.

Sir, as you walk your way to fight the battle ahead – the battle with brain cancer; remember there are others either fighting the same or even greater health conditions and what do they need to fight it, Health Insurance! Obviously, not many of them have or would or are that privilege to walk your path or similar path in life.
Senator McCain kindly leads or join others to make this world a better place for all to live.

Again, we, I, and everyone wishes you well as you walk your path now to battle the brain cancer.

Thank You.
Stephen Igbinovia,
Excite 24’7 News Reporter

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  • July 25 2017
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