WHEN IT MATTERS MOST: THEY ROLLED OUT IN COLORS, story by Stephen Igbinovia | updated Sept 9. 2017 @  1:30 pm ET

One Nigerian from a distance looked at the files of kings and queens as they lined up in groups to chat and socialized, just before taken theirs sits and he said “uh, where are these folks from? Emh, I must guess they are Nigerians judging from their unique attires! And, not only must they be from Nigeria, they must be from Edo State – ‘The Heat-beat of Nigeria’, indeed!!!”

He went on and said, “When Money Talks, Words Bushits Mouth…” Look at em’ Just look at dem…they won’t make noise in the public…but we know…dem…”

Anyway, to the undisclosed admirer – well said, and thank you for writing my piece for me; now I have less to write on.



The President of Esan Association of New England, Mrs. Ose Egbiremolen-Omoparioga declared the event open (see the Video):

THE THEME OF THE EVENT: “Provision of elementary school’s chairs and desks” to schools in Edo State, Nigeria.

The president of the association told our reporter that the immediate project the non-profit association wants to tackle right away is “Provision of elementary school’s chairs and desks” to schools in Edo State, Nigeria. She added,”... pupils in Elementary schools in Esanland of Edo state, Nigeria are learning on the bare floor without desk and teachers have no desk and tables also for an effective teaching environment. This project will buy school desk, blackboard, and basic materials. It will be a great relief to parents and children if at least more desk and tables are provided to some of these schools. Over 500 children will benefit from the project improving their literacy and education…”

How will this project solve the problem?

The project will help to buy teachers table and desk, school desk, blackboards and basic materials for elementary schools in Esanland of Edo states, Nigeria

What is the potential long-term impact of this project?

The provision of tables and desks for teachers and pupils will provide appropriate adequate, desirable and acceptable learning environment for children to learn.


THE TAKE AWAY….Saturday, August 19, 2017!!

It was a rare night for the Esan folks of New England, USA (popularly known by its legal name: Esan Association of New England Boston, Massachusetts) to gather with friends and associates, to socialize, share and discuss common issues which affect them and their kinsmen back home in Edo State, Nigeria.

It was also, that moment most folks do not like or which scares the hell out of them – I mean “collecting arms (donations) for charities causes.” Yes, categorically writing, it can scare lots of folks even from millions of miles away. Regardless, someone has to do it – and there are folks with big hearts out there always ready to rolls. We may not know them all but, we do know some deep down, near or far away which we can always rely on and; it came to pass as recorded below: See pics and video for the record.


[1] CHILDREN were not ignored and were part of the event.


[2] YOUTHS, FUTURE LEADERS of the community were heartily participant to the core of the event.

[3] COMMUNITIES LEADERS, FAR & AWAY, with joy in their hearts they came out to support the “call for action” simply because the theme of the event was striking and touching.

THEN, IT WAS TIME TO SHAKE IT OFF: Just after dinner, it was time to shake it off – I don’t have to explain any segment here, just watch the video and pass the message across “Africans knows how and sure can dig it….”

IT IS NEVER TOO LATE – You can still help the ESAN ASSOCIATION OF NEW ENGLAND reach their goal.
Just Call the publisher @ 774.224.4777
Thank you.

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